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The southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula is an important migratory bird stopover location along the Atlantic coast.This narrowing peninsula created by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean causes a funneling effect on the birds as they fly southward.You don’t have to have any experience—the certified instructors at Virginia Hang Gliding will teach you all you need to know.For local exploring, golf cart rentals are the “transportation of choice” for many visitors and local residents.Here, you may enjoy harbor views from private glass balconies, relax on a Risom chair, or have our guest services manager arrange an eco-tour to a wildlife refuge just a few minutes away.Our welcome mat is out for travelers of all stripes, and we even have a few dog–friendly rooms!The Town of Cape Charles, small town America itself, boasts a public beach perfect for families, an ice cream store on the corner, and a hardware store from a bygone era.

Each season has a special character, but for birders, the autumn migration is unrivaled on the Eastern Shore.To reserve yours, contact Eastern Shore Custom Carts.Each summer, Cape Charles is transformed into the center of a progressive arts a unique and beautiful lodging on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.


We have endeavored to reconcile the historic journey of this remarkable building, a hotel for more than 100 years, with contemporary living and design to create a warm and open setting, full of natural light.In Cape Charles, we enjoy a California sunset everyday!


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