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Im a single mum livin on benefits and i really cant afford 160 a month.I'd guess the fixed rate is the unit charge - not your monthly payment.Increasing your payment to over 100 a month is extortionate though.

Fare enough, I have been using heating alot, especially with how cold it has been.

You must be in debit with them so they are upping your payment to decrease the debt, but you can refuse to pay it.

If you know what your consumption is a year, work out the cost over the term and divide by 12 - tell them that's what you will pay and nothing more!

Last month i received a letter from them saying my direct debit was going up to 140pcm. We too have storage heaters though we only use one - darent use any more dread to think what the bill would be then ! That said my neighbours and some of the others in the close are on prepayment meters and paying 35 a week in electric - theyre using different heaters to the storage too - so obviously not much more economic.

Im as baffled as you the fixed term was definately on the direct debit amount rather than the unit rate. its unbelievable the prices energy companies are charging.

I did discover that Scottish power increase their unit charges over the winter months (ironic that this is when most households' consumption goes up too?


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