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It also can be challenging to determine the level of compatibility of a potential partner through the traditional online dating protocol of browsing profiles and photos.Determining compatibility could take years of getting to know someone.Tudjman said, glancing away from the news broadcast.''We have had enough experience to show us that no other form of government can exist here because Serbs and Croats belong not only to two different nationalities, but to two different cultural spheres.'' The Serbs and the Croats, the two most populous of Yugoslavia's many nationalities, have been at loggerheads for centuries.Such a proposal, long taboo here, would likely be opposed by Serbs and many Muslims. Tudjman pledges to correct what he says is a pattern of reverse discrimination and overrepresentation of Serbs in the government, the police and the mass media.''We want to secure for a Croatian man that he has in Croatia the same rights as everyone else,'' Mr. But he did not elaborate and offered no indication of how the new government would define who is a Serb. Tudjman promised that the government would guarantee Croatia's minorities the same national and human rights that Western countries provide, including minority-language schools.The Ustase unleashed a reign of terror in which hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and gypsies were killed. Tudjman (pronounced TOODGE-mahn) and other advocates of Croatian independence have had to deal with memories of the Ustase's atrocities, as Yugoslavia's Communist Government, ever alert to resurgent nationalism in the country's six republics, sought to portray all Croatian nationalists as the political descendants of the wartime fascists.''We want to build on the legitimate right of Croats to have their own sovereign state,'' Mr. ''We want no re-creation of the Ustase's independent state. We are building an anti-Ustase movement.'' A Retired General An ex-Communist who fought with Tito's Partisans in World War II, the 68-year-old Mr. After the war he stayed on in the Yugoslav Army before retiring as a general to study for a doctorate in history and lecture at the University of Zagreb.

In those years, an ultranationalist Croatian party known as the Ustase was set up with the help of Hitler and Mussolini to rule a Greater Croatian puppet state.

He plans to use it to reshape Croatia's relationship with Yugoslavia, and perhaps Yugoslavia itself.


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