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In 2005 she won a NIMHE award for best practice in the category of Arts and Mental Health.

She is a professional freelance poet, headlining at venues across the UK and widely published in a variety of small press publications.

Tim Sayers Tel: 07 Email: [email protected] Towsey Tel: 07888 847840 Email: [email protected] Sparks began with The Bright Sparks Art Exhibition and The Bright Sparks Guildhall Show. They are programmed to coincide with World Mental Health Day and take place at the Leicester City Gallery and The Guildhall, respectively.

The annual showcase events are always oversubscribed and the audiences widely attended.

Originally run informally, Bright Sparks is a formally constituted arts in mental health group.

Social media offer opportunities to both produce and consume content related to health experiences.

It came about as a result of steadily mounting demand for Bright Sparks to develop a regular group, where the people who contributed work to our annual shows could come to socialise and develop their practice with support.

Time: 1Pm Till 3Pm, Wednesdays Location: Embrace [email protected] The Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester University, university Road. It’s free to attend, and you can just turn up – no referral or application is needed.

Forty semi-structured interviews were conducted with young adults, aged between 18 and 30 years, with experience of diabetes or a common mental health disorder (CMHD).


We found that the online activities of these young adults were diverse; they ranged from regular production and consumption (‘prosumption’) of health-related user-generated content to no engagement with such content.It exists to acknowledge, support, and showcase the creative talent that exists within the mental health community through an expanding portfolio of creative projects.


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