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is played out by sexy leading man Johnny (Patrick Swayze) who frees ‘Baby’ (Jennifer Grey) from the restraints of her innocence when he teaches her some dance moves in this coming-of-age classic.It was the tale of every holiday romance we wished we’d had, peppered with quite possibly the best soundtrack in cinematic history. Baby may have carried a watermelon but Johnny always does the last dance of the season. Well, the scene was set for one of the most memorable love stories of all time and one of the best movie couples ever to be captured on film.Grease has stood the test of time and so have Sandy and Danny as one of the best movie couples ever. The too-cute photo shows the actress smiling at a late night eatery as she jokingly tries to brush away a shutterbug. On Saturday, Lili Reinhart shared an adorable Instagram pic taken by her main man Cole Sprouse and it's got us all glowing.The actress tagged the photog as her co-star and boyfriend, whom she has been linked to since July.It has all the ingredients of a great love story – the soundtrack, the outfits, the dancing, and two protagonists who are struggling to find their identity at high school.Sandy (Olivia Newton John) is the sweetly innocent good girl to Danny’s (John Travolta) bad boy rebel, but it all comes good in the end when they realise they don’t have to pretend to be anyone else but themselves when they’re together.


Their romance is forbidden due to class barriers and her imminent engagement to controlling ego maniac, Cal (Billy Zane) but that only adds to the illicit excitement of this all-time great on-screen love affair.This slice of movie perfection can also single-handedly claim to have rebranded pottery for the better., the first time we met Ryan Gosling was when he charmed his way into our hearts – and that of Allie (Rachel Mc Adams) – playing Noah, the mysterious and rugged handy man who would stop at nothing to win her heart.Kellerman’s may have looked like an ordinary holiday camp but to our teenage selves, it was the land where anything was possible. When Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) first meet in the back of a car from Chicago to New York, they disagree on whether men and women can ever truly be platonic friends.


As their paths continue to cross in a series of chance encounters over the years, they set out to redefine what a ‘relationship’ really is. may be, but when Vivian (Julia Roberts) is ‘rescued’ from her life as a penniless prostitute by her suitor, businessman Edward (Richard Gere) she rescues her man right back with all the guts and valour of an independent woman. Unlike any other love story, Molly Jensen (Demi Moore) is left widowed by her fiance Sam (Patrick Swayze – twice in one list, no less!

Comincia a lavorare in teatro all'età di diciotto anni e già due anni dopo lavora come regista teatrale per la Joint Stock Theatre Company, quindi si sposta a Londra per lavorare come direttore artistico per il Royal Court Theatre.


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    Half-dome ceiling conch pockets are remnants of previous apse-fluting.

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    My previous story explained how I met and fell in love with a married man. I was interested in him because we had a lot in common.

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    Chappy allows guys to chat with other men without all of the stigma attached to gay dating apps.

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    The family wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the wonderful, caring staff at Oak Hill Manor. Rick enjoyed the time he spent with the Montour Falls Fire Department and was proud of his work as Fire Chief.

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