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In New York on Saturday, with a short full series retrospective kicking things off, the mood was distinctly forward looking “The first episode has a lot of nods to previous seasons,” EP Nicotero said at a press conference before the panel, teasing a “shot for shot” sequence in homage to a past episode.

“We’re setting the stage for our war,” Nicotero, who directed the extended “Mercy” episode added of the relatively contained Season 8 opener.

Representing a final flourish of ’90s irony, it’s a deconstruction of talk shows that’s now even better than David Letterman’s.

4 NEWSRADIO (NBC) Former Sanders collaborator Paul Simms has managed something Shandling has opted not to try: an iconoclastic sitcom that nonetheless adheres to the strictures of network TV.

5 THE SIMPSONS (Fox) Unappreciated now because the media celebrated Bart-mania years ago, The Simpsons continues to be the most reliable satire on network TV.

Absent from the 2017 NYCC panel were showrunner Scott M.

, a series that - by my reckoning - has the biggest character turnover of any show I've seen.


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