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Caught In The Web (TV Pilot) - Two girls in their late teens, one a struggling actress, the other an aspiring writer, become best friends while living at a quirky New York City women’s residence, The Webber Apartments, a.k.a. They are surrounded by a group of zany but likable characters in this family-oriented TV sitcom.

Air Capitol - A brilliant, charismatic, and completely amoral teen is preparing to escape his dead end future in the Midwest for school on the west coast, when his tuition disappears when his parents suddenly move to Mexico.

Instead of wallowing in despair or even making a backup plan, he finds that he is both willing and able to manipulate an entire city to get what he wants.

Liv and Love - An insecure real estate agent, struggling to find herself after a divorce, takes on a run-down farm in the California Wine Country, and falls in love with the contractor. Sparks - When a charming man's touch sends lightning crackling from Dr.

The two must overcome their mutual distrust to save Christmas- and all of Dog’s canine friends- from a pack of arctic wolves with a serious beef.

Live And Let Buy - The world's greatest superspy gets fired and winds up working as a small-town department store greeter, where he learns about live and love in the "real" world and earns one last chance to stop his archenemy from destroying America.

Dooda and Rayford, The Alabaster Boys - Two bumbling brothers from the muddy Alabaster, Alabama backwoods get caught up in a police investigation involving two jewel thieves when they enter and win an all expenses paid sightseeing weekend in New York City.

Monster Suit Blues - Monsters who starred in sci-fi films from the '50s and '60s find themselves unemployed in the modern era of CGI animation. Officer is forced to team up with a young drug-dealer to stop an army of dirty, stinkin', zombie hippies!

They work with a zany staff which includes a quirky secretary who relishes in his stories about life “back home on Gracy Farms Lane”, a sassy assistant who volunteers at an AIDS clinic, and a feisty middle-aged housekeeper who keeps everyone in line.They try to make a comeback in show business while dealing with the frustrations of their everyday lives. The Love Shuttle - A bomb threat stalls an airport shuttle, forcing 6 desperate people to reveal deep secrets, solve problems, and find romance…and one of them is the bomber. (Just one location.) All Together Now - (TV pilot) Due to financial issues, a liberal nurse and a computer geek couple, among their young androgynous son, needs to move in with the wife's parents - an extremely conservative father and a cheeky insurance agent mother - into their tiny house. The Eavesdropper - An ordinary guy, working an ordinary job, David Littlefield gets an extraordinary opportunity to play Casanova when he discovers that he can listen into women's therapy sessions through the air vent in his office wall.Zombie Hippies - When tainted weed circulates through a 4-20 festival in Humboldt County, the local D. Hotel Wyoming - An erroneous astrological reading convinces two disillusioned rock musicians to move from Los Angeles to an isolated Wyoming town in search of happiness.COMEDY/ROMANCE: Nikki & Alexandria -A reporter goes for a ride along with her future sister-in-law, a K-9 cop, and by the end of the day, they hate each other, the wedding's off and the police dog gets pregnant.


My Clone - While trying to clone a duck, a geneticst accidentally clones himself.

The Obligatory - All of the necessary elements of a film noir are in place – a buxom femme fatale, a mysterious villain, heck even a spider web of deceit – but suddenly two amateur filmmakers are instructed by their eccentric financier to “add an obligatory Christmas scene.” Cheeky Boys - An ambitious young copywriter pretends to find two feral, mute brothers abandoned in a forest then promotes them to boost his career, but major problems arise when they become an inspiration to thousands of people.


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    : Attachment Parenting and Intensive Motherhood in the UK and France (Fertility, Reproduction & Sexuality) Faircloth, Charlotte Reviewed by Eimer Sparham Revolt on the Right: Explaining Support for the Radical Right in Britain (Extremism and Democracy) Ford, Robert and Goodwin, Matthew J.

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    In addition if you have any other personal requirements please let us know and we will endeavor to satisfy them.

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    Naughty America makes your dream come true with My Friend's Hot Mom.

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    Om alle aspecten van de site optimaal te gebruiken dien je het mogelijk te maken om de inhoud van je browser in Flash te bekijken.

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    So here are some tips about how to feel comfortable in the online dating world with a disability." data-reactid="23"But that is when things become difficult for a person with a disability or chronic illness.

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    She was employed as an RN for several years at the old Schuyler Hospital in Montour Falls.

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