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Sometimes, whole lesson sequences can be planned around them.The first geo list I have come across in the New Year is this one, released by Master Card, and titled ‘2017 Global Destinations Cities Index’.

The Italian province of Catania is divided into 58 comuni, or municipalities, and ten of those—Adrano, Biancavilla, Belpasso, Bronte, Castiglione di Sicilia, Maletto, Nicolosi, Randazzo, Sant’Alfio, and Zafferana Etnea—all meet at the top of the volcano. If you want to go one step further, you could examine Antarctica.The Antarctic Treaty of 1961 allows all nations the freedom to explore and do research on the continent, but it doesn’t address the past territorial claims made by seven countries.With all of these claims meeting together at the South Pole, they form a complicated 11-way intersection of territories and claims. I love a good list – always handy to use with a class in those odd blank few minutes that sometimes appear at the end of a lesson. This is a great resource for students to investigate their own areas, and ask questions about why sea water quality varies from place to place.

A search tool allows you to locate bathing water profiles in a selected area, and by clicking on individual beaches on the map, it is possible to access further details.Follow this Dropbox link to listen to it for yourself: How about this for a coffee table?


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