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The actor chose sturdy black shoes and blue sunglasses for an afternoon with his favorite ladies.His most important accessory though was his four-month-old baby girl strapped up to his chest in a forward facing carrier.

This region had already been settled by farming societies of the First Temperate Neolithic, but during the Vinča period sustained population growth led to an unprecedented level of settlement size and density along with the population of areas that were bypassed by earlier settlers.Supermarkets have slashed the price of milk to half the cost of bottled water in a move that has been condemned by farmers.Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons are all offering eight pints of milk for £2, equivalent to 25p a pint or 44p a litre.The 42-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor was spotted carrying daughter Lea de Seine as he strolled through the Brentwood-area market.

Russian model girlfriend and mother to little Lea, Irina Shayk, walked side-by-side with the doting dad.Vinča settlements were considerably larger than any other contemporary European culture, in some instances surpassing the cities of the Aegean and early Near Eastern Bronze Age a millennium later.


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