Travis wall dating

This season was full of amazing dancers and choreographers (though, as you’ll see, I am clearly partial to Travis Wall’s work).

Every week I had a new favorite piece that I would fangirl over until the next week’s episode.

The following week, when I came out for the show date, people were screaming “Jeanine! ” That was a really emotional exercise for me, realizing that I had fans. To finish that turn sequence with the pirouettes and ending on those beats…it just gives me goosebumps going back to it. After Wednesday’s performance show, who did the four of you think was going to win? Towards the beginning we tried to play that guessing game but you can honestly never guess what America wants. She’s like my big sister — I love her to death, she’s from Miami, I’ve known her for awhile. You mentioned to Cat that you’d had to work through injuries during the season. About a year ago, I had surgery to remove a tumor from my left elbow.

Your solos just got better and better — I loved the one you did on Wednesday. In rehearsals, I’d try to remove the rose sometimes and it just stuck to my lipstick. Yeah, the moment when you slowed down and faced the audience and you were still so balanced, it must have been like, “Hell, yeah! I went through radiation treatment — the summer before my senior year, I spent every morning in the hospital.

JEANINE MASON: I didn’t think I was popular for a long time.

I was always hoping for top 10, to be able to go on tour with my friends.

This piece, as all of the best Travis Wall pieces do, pulls something raw out of Taylor; it’s like she feels her feelings at a higher level than the rest of us and expresses those feelings by falling to the ground from Robert’s shoulders, artfully and with only minor bruising. Nigel tells Jasmine that she’s come back from Beyoncé’s tour “a beautiful woman.” She was beautiful already, Nige.

Mary says this will be a piece we remember in 10 years; she even goes so far as to put it in her all-time top 10. Robert and All-Star Jasmine It’s an entrance only Robert could make: While everyone else ran onto the stage to say hello before their dances, Robert starts in position — in a barber’s chair, back to the audience.

Maybe not; Nigel asks him to “rehearse his personality” like he’s a robot. When he does a backflip, the ladies in the crowd are putty in his hands. Mark and All-Star Comfort personality, and that personality is not bashful.And even though Nigel goes a little too far when he jokes, “Please, tell us when you name the day,” I…kind of see where he’s coming from.(I just wish he didn’t ruin it by jabbing, “No hope for you, Mary.” Nigel, NO.) Sydney and All-Star Paul Okay, Sydney is a human disco ball, and she has legs for days.Vanessa probably spent this whole routine regretting that she already used up all of her daily allotted compliments about “shining.” At one or two points throughout this routine, Sydney and Paul’s timing seems just a little bit off, but hey: It’s “week one,” guys.

Vanessa requests more “oomph” from Sydney (I’ll spare you Nigel’s leering response), and Mary compliments Sydney’s ankles. After that first time Phillip and I were in the bottom three, I felt like I needed it more desperately — I needed to show America why I was there, and that I could dance, in my own genre.


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