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* External Experts: There will be 15- to 20-minute interactive, live video interviews with Chief Learning Officers and Learning Experts, including the CLO of Mc Donald’s, Innovation Experts, and other people who will react in real time to the participants’ questions and curiosities. Instead, we will use a real-time curation tool in the form of a Wiki.There will be ongoing SMS text polls, small group options to use Smart Speakers, VR, Chat Bot and Consumer Curation tools throughout the LAB.But, the final design for the LAB is focused on this process: * Learning Experiences: What are the interactive small-group experiences that will immerse the group of learners in the content - pushing and stretching their perspectives?I designed about 12 experiences that will stretch across the 2 1/2 days.But, I will enter Frankfurt tomorrow morning and use my new German Passport.It will be a time to reflect and honor my father and the millions of people who were not able to leave.We will meet on Monday to share our perceptions of the ever changing world of Learning and Technologies. Keep your workplace learning eyes focused on the rise of Messaging Apps.I am excited to connect with Rebecca and learn from her unique and wide experiences. Think about the number of your employees that have been shifting in their communication, collaboration, task management and personal scheduling.

* Personalization: Comments from about 25 of the participants have come in, which I am using to re-shape and focus the content on their take-back-home needs and issues.

On Tuesday morning, I will host a group of 47 corporate learning professionals who are coming to Saratoga Springs for a 2 1/2 day intensive LAB on Curation and Learning.


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