When a guy is serious about dating you Chat withhorny girls for free no signup

Men are not always great at connecting on an emotional level but if a man is serious about developing a relationship with you he will normally overcome his natural reservations and let down some of the boundaries around sharing his emotions.

He may talk to you about his childhood, past relationships and aspects of his life that are troublesome – he will open up to you because he trusts that you will understand him and not judge him – he is emotionally mature and not afraid to show his vulnerability as well as his strengths.

There is little point getting serious about someone who you see has only the ‘potential’ to be a good partner but who isn’t there yet – you need to accept them as they are now rather than what you think they could be in the future with some gentle nudging in the right direction.

The past The strongest indication that a man is ready for a relationship is that he has made peace with his past including previous relationships.



A man who is serious about getting to know you and working towards a commitment will make time to be in regular contact and to see you whenever possible – he will start conversations and take the initiative when arranging dates and opportunities to get to know you better.

If it happens, then prepare yourself for a vanishing act.



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