Windows media player 11 album art not updating

Sometimes it takes time for the album art to appear.

Just wait or browse out of the folder and come back and the album art will show up.

If you pasted the wrong album art then paste again the right one and it will be replaced. The album art only appeared for those albums where I had manually entered an image.

If I use the "Find Album Info" function, it finds the album info including the image, but if I accept the information, it is not filling in the image. Delete all of the files, not folders in the following folder: User/App Data/Local/Microsoft/Media Player This deletes a corrupted database and allows the regeneration of the database, and also the ability for WMP to apply the album info to the album either automatically or when you "FIND ALBUM INFO".

If all the selected tracks are from the same album, select the appropriate option and click on .


All fine, except during rip the album displays only one track which it states is 40.12 in length.Oh now I can play the album and it shows up with album cover under 'now playing' but the album doesnt show up i my collection. What is the easiest way to add albums with this non intuitive software please? I spent 20 minutes last night trying to figure out how to do all this stuff on the Microsoft website and got now where!


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