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Because of the mandated separation of the sexes, dating is essentially non-existent. On top of the inevitable dishonor brought to oneself and ones family, one may also be punished with lashings by the government.

Sources Used: A History of Saudi Arabia, Madawi Al-Rasheed

General and Cultural Freedoms As of now, the “general practice” is for women to wear fully-covering black veils, and for men to wear long white shirts covering to the wrists, as well as a head cover.

There is a religious police force, the Mutawwa’in, that enforces these practices.

1923 (Vertrag von Lausanne) implementierte Scharia aus dem Griechischen Recht zu entfernen, ein Ehe- und Familienrecht ohne religiös oder anderweitig begründete Rechtsspaltung einzuführen und ein Heiratsalter von 18 Jahren durchzusetzen.

Eine auf der Scharia beruhende Staatlichkeit oder Gesellschaftsordnung richtet sich gegen die freiheitliche Demokratie und die allgemeinen Menschenrechte, „insbesondere angesichts der [negativen, nämlich AEMR-widrigen] Folgen für […] den rechtlichen Status der Frau und der Art, in der sie, in Übereinstimmung mit ihren religiösen Vorgaben [von Koran und Sunna], in alle Dimensionen des privaten und öffentlichen Lebens eingreift“ (nach Europarat). Like the Constitutional Court, the Court considers that sharia, which faithfully reflects the dogmas and divine rules laid down by religion, is stable and invariable.


The Court notes that, when read together, the offending statements, which contain explicit references to the introduction of sharia, are difficult to reconcile with the fundamental principles of democracy, as conceived in the Convention taken as a whole. Eherecht) und St GB den hohen Anspruch der Allgemeinen Erklärung der Menschenrechte (AEMR, Paris am ).

He must not deviate from it – even if he has spare time during the lesson.” There is a “ban on teaching Western philosophy and religions other than Islam,” and “informers monitor classrooms for compliance with limits on curriculums.” All students of the education system must take a minimum of 3 hours of Islamic study courses a week.

Education in Saudi Arabia is separated by sex, and curriculum is altered for the sexes.

The only situations in which the operation is permissible is when the woman’s life is at risk, and when it is needed either to preserve the physical or mental health of the woman.


Homosexuality is strictly forbidden; sodomy is punishable by death, and this penalty has been carried out in recent years.

Government-granted “Rights of Age” Saudi Arabia is one of the four countries in the world that has not granted women the right to vote, along with Bhutan, Brunei, and Lebanon (which has an education restriction for women, but not for men). In Saudi Arabia, drinking alcohol, no matter what age, is forbidden.



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