Dating sites for equestrians

He'd joined the site for about six months in 2009, then got discouraged and left for about a year.

He returned in 2011, "and within two days I was e-mailing Victoria," he relates.

I told him I wasn't ready, so he went out for breakfast. all dressed up in Western clothes and a cowboy hat and with two-dozen red roses in his hand.

The chemistry was there, and it really was love at first sight."They went to see the horse, and wound up driving to the Oregon Coast, "singing crazy songs we both knew by heart, eating great food?

"Han packed us a saddlebag lunch and even remembered what I liked to drink. I believe it was the best first date ever because we'd had a chance to get to know each other so well through all those prior e-mails."Connie says she knew things were serious several months later, on another ride."He took me out along a beautiful stretch of the Blue River.

We stopped for a break and got off the horses, and he held me in his arms.

They also planned a day to meet in person a week later."I'm cautious, so for our first meeting I had my sister in tow, and we all went skiing. he took me horseback riding through the snow all around his ranch."It was a gorgeous, sunny Colorado day in February, and the horses were perfect," she continues."I told her that my new civilian job as a senior network engineer required a lot of travel, so spending time together was going to be tough," he recalls. I thought we had a lot in common, and I loved being with him no matter what we were doing."The couple shared an interest in horses and motorcycles.


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