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Author: Mark Dursin Mark Dursin is an English teacher at Glastonbury High School in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

His writing has appeared in the Hartford Courant and several online publications, including The Faster Times and JMWW.

Walk-up music was started in the 70s by former Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust, who thought it would be neat to play each home player’s state songs before they came to the plate to bat.

So, we essentially have Nancy to thank for what we hear today, which is mostly a lot of Drake and AC/DC.

Staring into the opposing pitchers’ soul as you prepare to put on a laser show.

To end the onslaught of bad walk up songs, we compiled a list of the best baseball walk up songs. Alternative/Rock Country Electronic Hip-Hop/Rap International Pop BABADADADADADADADADADADA!


There are few greater feelings than walking up to the batter’s box to the beat of your favorite song.

You can see the musical choices from the 2014 first round, but we won’t know what songs we’ll be hearing this year until draft night.


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