Who is fantasia dating e book secret to online dating doc

Al Sharpton who will talk about his new MSNBC show, Politcs Nation.

Rock Soul won't be denied, this is simply a delay that will prove to be necessary for what's to come.

PHOTOS: ' American Idol Live' Tour Fantasia, whose full name is Fantasia Barrino, will call into the show to talk about her pregnancy and its effect, if any, on the upcoming biopic.

Fantasia's due date, which in December, has already reportedly pushed back filming for the project, which is currently helmed by Euzhan Palcy.

Fantasia’s a sexy, amazingly talented person so I mean, she’s beautiful but uhh, no we’re not dating.

contestant Fantasia has had her share of controversy since she appeared on the Fox competition series.She was pregnant at 16 and gave birth to her daughter with ex-boyfriend Brandel Shouse.



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